Nuptial Traditions in China

During the Ryan Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), a large number of marriage persuits were developed. Marriages were generally arranged simply by parents. A single day of the marriage ceremony was agreed upon in advance. The bride-to-be would not be allowed to leave her family house within 4 months of this wedding. The bride might also not be permitted to attend a funeral formal procedure within several months for the wedding.

The bride’s family could present the groom’s family with a dowry. That is a symbol belonging to the bride’s parents’ support for their young one’s marriage. This kind of dowry generally is made up of jewelry, small furniture, and other gifts. Additionally, it represents abundance and virility for the few.

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After the marriage, the star of the event will go back to her first home. The groom will go to the bride’s friends and family three times later. The bride’s home will then provide the groom “four pieces of gold” as a symbol of the groom’s international dating for filipina women promise to the star of the wedding. This dowry is then passed on to the bride’s little girl.

Another Chinese wedding custom is the tea ceremony. Throughout the Chinese tea ceremony, the wedding couple show gratitude to their father and mother. This formal procedure can take place at the bride’s home or in the wedding site. The bride and groom will serve tea to their father and mother.

The Chinese betrothal ceremony, also called the Guo Da Li ceremony, consists of gift exchanges. The bride’s family will present the groom’s friends and family with gifts. This is well known as as a complete exchange.